Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recharge Your Faith

Assalamu'alaikum everyone!!

Ramadhan is coming! What do you want out of it? Is it the same as last year? Or could it be much better?
It must be much better, it has to be much better~ So, let's put ourselves in the "zone of Ramadhan" earlier!

Let's prepare for the best Ramadhan ever!

Ya Allah, peliharalah hati hambaMu~


  1. Waalaikumsalam Nurul! ^^

    Ada tips tak on how to get into the "zone of Ramadhan" earlier? Perhaps you can share it a bit when we meet later this weekend.. ^^

    Lagi, kalau Nurul ada buku2 tentang umrah, akak nak pinjam boleh? and kongsi pengalaman sikit tentang Umrah Nurul tahun lepas?

    InsyaAllah, giliran akak & family pulak nak buat Umrah awal bulan depan..

  2. agreed dengan kak sofie :) ada tips tak kak nurul? lagi 9 hari ni rasa tak ready sangat-sangat nak mendaftar diri kat Madrasah Ramadhan ;(

    Bie a.k.a Nabihah Lokman

  3. Bie...long time no see~ :) basically akak ambil tips daripada e-book ni..very helpful insyaAllah.. the most important thing is du'a and put our effort to get ready for this blessed and wonderful month. lately, when i'm doing research i keep thinking, i've put so much effort for my research. reading journals, discussing, perah tenaga dan otak, spending days and nights in the lab..but i did'nt put as much effort to beautify my solah, my saum, to prepare for Ramadhan.. it's never too late dear bihah~ let's do it together..pray for me too ya! :)

    this link will guide you insyaAllah..